About us

Who we are?

Lenka Ďudíková

30 rokov

  • graduate of mass media studies and journalism at Masaryk university in Brno,
  • Good Vibes CF weightlifting head coach,
  • licensed swimming trainer and CrossFit CL1 trainer license holder,
  • sport gymnastics, dancing and swimming background,
  • currently a competitor in Elite category of CrossFit competitions,
  • favorites: weightlifting, hand stand movements and technical workouts,
  • favorite movement: squat snatch, strict hand stand push ups.

Matúš Ďudík

31 rokov

  • graduate of management department at Comenius university in Bratislava,
  • Good Vibes CrossFit head coach,
  • water polo background (multiple times Slovak national champion in junior categories),
  • natural bodybuilding background (Slovak national champion 2015, participant of World Championships 2012),
  • CrossFit CL1 trainer license holder, conditioning trainer of the 1st qualification degree,
  • currently a competitor in Elite category of CrossFit competitions,
  • favorites: intervals and long workouts,
  • favorite movement: squat snatch and chest to bar pull up.

Why Martin?

Easy question and easy answer:

“I was born in Martin, and as a regionally thinking athlete with lots of experience in areas of team, strength and also individual sports I saw clearly that there wasn’t any place which would provide suitable conditions for functional training (for example based on the CrossFit philosophy) anywhere in Martin or the surrounding cities.”

Matúš Ďudík


Although we can say that Martin is a “sports” city with a long tradition of strength sports, we have to acknowledge that sport as a whole has evolved globally and now offers wider possibilities of improving the quality of training and our performance.This is the main reason why he decided to realize this project, to give these opportunities to citizens of this region.

Our philosophy:

  • Our philosophy:-this project is not about bussiness
  • it’s not about promoting ourselves and collecting likes on facebook
  • it’s not about raising one’s self-confidence at the expense of beginners
  • it’s about literally changing people’s lives
  • it’s about teaching people to function properly in the areas of sport, nutrition and even life itself
  • it’s about making people athletes who understand what they are doing, and also how and why they are doing it
Our clients:

An easy answer: everyone

Functional training has one great advantage, which is that every movement can be scaled according to your age and abilities.

The facts that the trainings are in a group doesn’t mean that everyone has to perform the given movements the same way – there is a suitable alternative for everyone.

The fundamentals of functional training based on the CrossFit methodology:

The base is made up of movements that mimic the things we do in everyday life. Every movement is complex, or combined in a way that leads to higher efectivity and safety.

A lot of times we are asked what really CrossFit is. The answer is easy: it is everything.It is gymnastics, athletics, weightlifting, powerlifting, functional bodybuilding, TRX, excersises on Bosu ball, tire flipping, carrying of heavy objects and any other movement that comes into your mind.

The official definiton in: CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.