Space and Equipment


Sufficient and newly built social space (toilets, changing rooms and showers), variety of eqiupment suitable
for Crossfit, functional training, weightlifting, gymnastics, training with your own weight, outside season, preparation for sportsmen, joga, …

Training types


  • the type of trainings thanks to which our gym has started. These trainings will still be here
    the most and we believe that the beauty of it will be recognized by all our members:
  • trainings based around the whole body, building rock are functional movements, elements of gymnastics
    (bodybodyweight work), strength elements and weightlifting elements in high intensity,
  • big variability, avoiding routine trainings (each and everyone is differnet),
  • trainings that not only work on your explosiveness but also skill,
  • realtively high technical difficulty, absolving Crossfit Beginners classes is inevitable or
    experience from other gyms with functional, bodyweight movements and CrossFit,
  • the most valuable is community.


  • training primeraly aimed on olympic disciplins: snatch and clean and jerk,
  • for beginners a breafing consultation is needed with a presonal coach or absolving the CrossFit Beginners classes,
  • the less experienced will work on the base movement formulas of strength disciplins and weightlifting,
  • advanced training is aimed on perfecting the basic weightlifting disciplins and effective working with weight,
  • these trainings are aproppriate as a bonus for explosivness in sports in which these atributes are needed in.


  • it is characterized by its adjustmnets for different preformance groups, experienced athelets or people
    without any experience will find a place here,
  • suitable for any age category,
  • working out primeraly with bodyweight, it is focused on working on the improvement of gymnastic skills such as rack, rings, parallel bars, head/handstand etc…,
  • a part of it is also working on overall mobility and flexibility of the body.


  • training intensity without heavier weights is emphasized,
  • technical difficulty of the movements make the trainings the best option of begginers or for people that
    just need to chill out, “recharge their batteries” and just enjoy the physical activity,
  • suitable for all age categories, men and women, teenagers older than 15 but also for active sportsmen
    as a bonus or as a training compenstation.

Cyclical Conditioning

  • high intensity training, but adjustable for everybody,
  • training of aerobic, but also anaerobic character in intervals from 10 seconds to 50 minutes,
  • for the best efficiency in performance we use mainly cyclical machines (rower, SkiErg, AirBike,..), jumping ropes and own weight,
  • similar to spinning exercise,
  • suitable for athletes who want to improve their effectivity in using aerobic metabolic system.


  • for strong ones and also for those who want to become stronger,
  • equipment for disciplines such as log lift, farmer carry, flipping a tire, super yoke carry, etc. will be available for this training,
  • working on development of power and technic.


  • working out with your own weight on TRX,
  • suitable for improvement of skill of excercising with your own weight or a compensating training for weightlifters,
  • suitable for all age groups,
  • relatively high demand on articular, muscular, and tendon work, which means its good for people without health problems.


  • based on your requirements we added some yoga classes, because of this, we will be able to offer you balanced training package,
  • yoga lessons are led by certified “yoga physiotherapist”,
  • it´s rather a power yoga with some mobility modalities,
  • useful and suitable for everybody.